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Day 1 - Sat May 16th

Time (EDT) Track A Track B
10:00 AM Dan Behrman and Hosts
Welcome Ceremony
11:00 AM Marc Tancer
Coins, paper money, and economics:
Inflation is also theft
Michael Cheney
The Banned Truth About Corona The Government Doesn't Want You To Know
12:00 PM Thomas Quiter
The Unconventional Midget
Bill Levin
The First Church of Cannabis
1:00 PM Josh Butterfield
Arvin Vohra
How to Make Your Homeschool Surpass Public, Magnet, and Private Schools
2:00 PM Peymon Mottahedeh
Become Free of IRS Slavery:
How to Legally Stop Filing and Paying Income Tax
Spike cohen
Disruptive Politics
3:00 PM Adrian Abascal
Teaching to Think Free
Nickolas 'QBall' Wildstar
4:00 PM Dave Champion
Shattering the Myths:
How the IRS is ripping you off!
GI Mary Jane
We're All Soldiers in the Drug War
5:00 PM Zoltan Istvan
Luis Fernando Mises
Love and Entrepreneurship
5:30 PM John McAfee
The Future of Crypto
6:00 PM Killian Hobbs
How To Argue
Sorinne Ardeleanu
Life... or Something Like It
7:00 PM Joshua Dial
Joe Exotic Isn't At All Libertarian
Robin Koerner
Power of The Paradigm
8:00 PM Norma Jean Almodovar & Chase Tkach
Sex Work Is Work: Panel Discussion
Brian Ellison
How To Cop Watch
9:00 PM Mikey Wong
What's going on in Hong Kong?
L.K. Samuels
Why Political Ideologues Need to Kill History
—The Political Spectrum
10:00 PM A Message From our Hosts

Day 2 - Sun May 17th

Time (EDT) Track A Track B
10:00 AM Andy "Doc" Melder
Veterans for Plant Medicine
Bryan Ortega, Chris Faucett & Ashley Weber
Rise & Grind
11:00 AM Sam Robb
Go, and Do Thou Likewise.
12:00 PM Vicky Rose
Protecting Kratom from Prohibitionists: How Mississippi fought back against the establishment
Raymond Orta
1:00 PM Dr Mary Ruwart
Death By Regulation
Joe Buchman
If ETs Landed On The Whitehouse Lawn, Would We Tax Them for "Universal" Healthcare?
2:00 PM Justin Arman
Parenting Around Adventure and Risk
Shawn Jones
Jury Nullification
3:00 PM Ashley Shade
The importance of Liberty For All People
Kal Molinet
The Sunny Side of the Coronavirus
4:00 PM Adam Kokesh
Geodesic/Earthship Architecture
And Off Grid Living
Lo Fuzz
Freedom Jam Session
5:00 PM Joe McHugh
End The Fed, Go Green Instead
Zach Foster
Libertarians in the Venezuela Crisis
6:00 PM Kryssi Wichers
Free Market Activism
Nick Reed
Winning People Over Arguments
in the Age of Contempt
7:00 PM Kate Prather
Two's Company, Government's a Crowd
Raptor, Scott Zimmerman & Caleb Salvatore
We Will Try To Make You Laugh
8:00 PM Joe Banister
Favored Fed To Enemy Of The State
In 11 Years Flat
John McCaskey
9:00 PM Dan Behrman and Hosts
Taxation Is Theft, And the New American Dream